May brings showers, sun, hail

May in the Pacific NW- have every kind of weather in just one day.

Hydrangea Let’s Dance Moonlight

We’ve had some cool temperatures but the plants still look great and many have buds so don’t wait too long to get your orders in this week. It’s Mother’s Day shipping next week as well. And you didn’t hear it from us but we know she’d love a hydrangea! We have gift certificates available HERE for any last minutes gifts. I can process the email gift certificates very quickly.

Hydrangea Paniculata Pee Wee and friend

I’ve had a few questions about droopy hydrangeas especially since we may start to get that occasional 80 degree day in between rain storms. Many of you have already had 80 degrees plus. Shortly after the heat, you’ll see a branch or two (or all the bush) droop at the end of the day. Check the water source and the soil to be sure the plant isn’t sitting in a pool of water. Hydrangeas love water but it is possible to get too much. Signs of too much water are droopy stems morning, noon and night - it never perks up. Prolonged exposure to wet roots can cause the leaves to appear burned at the edges and eventually will fall off.

Most likely, the drooping leaves is lack of water and/or too much sun. Give them a good watering at night or soak in a tub. Make sure the water is cool. Temporary shade is always a good solution until they can build up a bit of direct sun tolerance. The new growth will be the most tender. Sometimes leaf/stem injury becomes more obvious when it gets suddenly hot.

New logo for 2024 (our 25th year in business)

We’re winding down our in person plant sales around the area and our retail area is open by appointment for a few weeks before we will be open daily for our great annual sale.

We still have some overstock hydrangeas, many of which are too big to ship and available for pickup at the nursery before the sale. Please email [email protected] for links to the order forms!

Here are our retail events coming up in May and June

Have a great month!